How often will I need to go to meetings?: You will need to go to a weekly house meeting, typically Sunday night at 7pm. You should also attend 1 monthly committee meeting for whatever committee you're most interested in. Finally, you must attend a monthly General Assembly (GA) where members from every house and board members meet.​

How do you hold people accountable for doing chores?: Each house has a different system for holding people accountable. One standard practice though is that in each house meeting, people give a check-in where they report all of the work they did for the house that week, including cooking & chores.


What kind of events do you put on?: We put on a variety of events, ranging from poetry readings, to workshops, to parties, to open mics, to potlucks.


What if I can't make it to dinner every night?: Dinners are a great way to catch up with your housemates, but if you can't be there one night, don't sweat it. You can ask your housemates to make a save-a-plate for you to eat whenever you come home.


How can I get involved with the co-op without moving in?: You can become a boarder, which involves cooking once a week & being able to attend dinners every night at one house. See more info on the page Prospective Members -> Food


What are important email contacts?: Membership Coordinator: membershipping@bloomingtoncooperative.org, Treasurer: treasurer@bloomingtoncooperative.org, Outreach Coordinator: outreach@bloomingtoncooperative.org, Webmaster: webmaster@bloomingtoncooperative.org

Bloomington Cooperative Living