House Level

Each house holds a weekly house meeting, usually on Sunday evenings (or Mondays when a GA occurs). In these meetings, we hold votes to make decisions regarding house expenditures, events, passing or amending policies, and membershipping applicants. Every member gets one vote.

Co-op Level

Each month, members from all three houses come together in a General Assembly (GA). This meeting is responsible for making all decisions relating to BCL-wide expenditures, events, budgets, policies, etc. Other co-op wide decisions are made in the meantime on our organization's online social workspace on Slack.

Co-op Level people
Co-op People House Level
What's a co-op?

Committee Level

These groups work on a specific aspect of the co-op. Committees exist so that progress on co-op wide projects doesn't have to wait for General Assemblies (although some actions, such as spending co-op funds, cannot be taken without GA approval). 

Each member is encouraged to participate in a committee. Each committee consists of members from multiple houses, which allows for inter-house collaboration and friendships. The committees each have a chairperson and meet once per month. Current BCL committees include:

  • Food Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Safety / Anti-Oppression Committee

  • Policy Committee

  • Membership Committee

  • Outreach Committee

Board Level


As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, BCL is legally obligated to have a Board of Directors. Our board consists of some current co-op members, some past co-op members, and some Bloomington community members. This group doesn't have any decision-making power, but it does a significant amount of the legwork in ensuring that the organization is legally compliant and financially viable. Every member may attend the monthly board meetings.

Officer Level

BCL has three staffers: a Treasurer, a Membership Coordinator, and an Outreach Coordinator. Each staffer receives a monthly stipend for their work, $150 for the Treasurer, and $130 each for the Membership and Outreach Coordinators. Staffers are responsible for a number of specific tasks regarding their field. They collaborate with their relevant committee, and they attend board meetings.

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