How to Apply

All tenants of BCL go through a membership process before signing a lease.

  1. Fill out an application

  2. Test a cooking shift: Schedule a cooking shift at 1 of the 3 houses by emailing us from our contact form.  Don't worry, we aren't asking you to cook on your own! Each night, 2-3 people cook dinner for the whole house. For this test cook shift, you'll be stepping in as a sous-chef to help cook & clean. This is an informal visit, so don't be nervous!

  3. Visit all houses: Schedule visits for the other 2 houses by responding to our email. We highly encourage you to attend a dinner if possible. If you can't make dinner, then at least get a tour. Since any of these houses could be your new home, we want to make sure you get a chance to see them all.

  4. Membership meeting: Schedule a membership meeting by--you guessed it--responding to our email. In your membership meeting, you will participate in an informal two-way interview with a group of co-oppers where you can ask questions about the co-op and co-oppers can ask questions about you. This often occurs in the same evening as your test cook shift. You can attend a membership meeting at any of the three houses, regardless which one is your first pick to live in. Following your membership meeting, co-oppers will vote on whether to grant your membership, where at least 55% approval (upvotes) is required to become a member.

Bloomington Cooperative Living