Member Expectations

Each week, a co-opper must put in about 5 hours of labor toward their house.

  • Cooking shift: Complete a dinner cooking & cleaning shift. Typically, you cook 5-7pm, serve & eat 7-7:30, then clean 7:30-8:30. ~3 hours labor

  • House jobs: Do 2-3 chosen house jobs. Examples of house jobs: clean a bathroom, take recycling to the recycling center, maintain compost, sweep stairs, clean the living room, make peanut butter, clean a fridge, etc. about 2 hours of labor.​


Every co-opper is expected to attend their weekly house meeting, a monthly committee meeting, and a monthly GA.

  • House meetings: Once a week, typically Sundays at 7pm.

  • Committee meetings: Once a month, a Tuesday or Wednesday at 8pm.

  • General Assembly (GA): Once a month, a Sunday at 7pm.

Bloomington Cooperative Living