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  • Membership openings.


  • Updated Button link on each house's page for "OPEN MEMBERSHIPS" for clarity.

  • Updated the main CONTACT form and the Contact form for each house for clarity on applying.

  • Updated the "NAME" terminology to be more inclusive by using "PREFERRED NAME" as the field name in all site contact forms.

  • Goodlawn listing for room 7 updated to be a single room instead of 2 rooms.


  • Updated room availability layout.

  • Updated all house pages with a new layout for house specific information,

  • Various graphic changes.

  • Additional changes to formatting throughout site.


  • Updated site menu header and footer.

  • Search bar has been moved to top of pages.

  • Updated "AVAILABILITY" field to be "Currently Leasing," "Reserved through {DATE}," "Leased through {DATE}" and "Sublet {FROM & TO DATES}."

  • Cleaned up formatting throughout site.

  • Fixed Contact forms which were not sending data due to a field validation error.

  • Streamlined the Menu.

  • Made format changes to the Search Results page.


  • Back-end updated to include each house's data into a unified houses database.

  • Updated​ houses database to include link to a pop out view of rooms for larger view or a 360 degree view when available for that room.

  • Increased the size of the dollar figure under the Cost of Living (Yearly), Cost of Living (Monthly) and NASCO Fee.

  • Removed availability rooms listing page.

  • Member Room Availability added to main page.

  • House pages now include a contact form for that house.

  • House pages now include a section for Common Areas, such as Living Room, Dining Room, etc.

  • Updated all terminology of rent or room fees to say Cost of Living.

  • Added page for Member Options page for additional Cost of Living options schedule.

  • Added link on each house's page to Member Options page.

  • Other basic formatting changes.

  • Combined some pages to realign better with page names and reduce total number of pages and reduce confusion.


  • Removed news ticker from all pages until future updates are needed.

  • Moved up the available rooms listing link and newsletter signup to top of main page to give prospective members access to this page from a higher visibility position.


  • New feature: Listing of all available rooms in all four cooperative houses.


  • Updated Affirmative Action Statement.

  1. Fair Housing​

  2. Affirmative Action Plan and Harassment Policy

  3. Publication Policy

  4. Implementing Our Policy

  5. Grievance Procedure

  6. Policy Prohibiting Harassment in the Workplace

  7. Diversity

  8. Inclusion

  • Updated text for October 30, 2021 work day at 921.

  • Per Outreach Committee policy, updated social bar to remove Twitter and to focus on Facebook and Instagram (TikTok will be integrated in the future.).


  • Added Community Events card on main page.

  • Added disclaimer for third-party links and content in footer of each page.


  • Updated front page 921 Work Days for the October 23rd work day.

  • Changed text on the signup form to reflect the October 23rd work day.

  • House page room cards will display rooms available first. Filled rooms will display afterwards.

  • Moved room availability status to top of each card in house pages.

  • Increased font size and marked text as bold on room availability for each room card.

  • Header is now static to allow access to the menu at all times.

  • Removed return to top arrow in page footers.

  • Updated news ticker.


  • Updated Work Days form.

  • Changed wording on main page for Work Days at 921.


  • Updated text under JOIN BCL card.

  • Updated room availability for each house.


  • Added section on main page about Community Work days at 921.


  • News ticker can now be closed by the newly enlarged "X" button or by clicking anywhere outside the news ticker.

  • Moved news ticker to bottom of page and changed color of background and text.

  • Updated news ticker news items and changed incorrect links on new items.

  • Squashed bugs on Contact page that caused fields to not be shown.

  • Adjusted font size on all pages.

  • KNOWN ISSUE: Membership Application does not display the Google Forms properly on mobile devices. We are working on this issue, but currently believe this to be a limitation with the multiple choice column layout. Scrolling left or right on many devices  causes the browser to go back or forward a page.


  • Released new website to all visitors.

  • Corrected a border layout issue on the Which House page.

  • Updated widths of text and graphical elements on 921, Goodlawn, Middle Earth, and Which House pages.


  • Deceased cards border size from 3 to 1 pixel.

  • Changed border color from bright blue to dark blue.

  • Changed form border from bright blue to dark blue.

  • Decreased form border from 3 to 1 pixel.

  • Changed form input color from background color to light green.

  • Decreased search field border from 3 to 1 pixel.

  • Changed font colors (background and text) on 404 Page Not Found.

  • Removed border and rounded edges from header and footer.


  • Updated wording and corrected grammar on "Contact" form.

  • Changed layout of "Contact" page.

  • Added "Website Updates" page, accessible from the Last Updated link in the footer.

  • Updated menu icons for each page and menu folders.

  • Moved "Privacy Policy" from main menu to footer.

  • Decreased size of last updated, copyright, and trademark text.

  • Corrected "Costs" page text to better reflect all costs for current members.

  • Decreased size on each house's page of additional costs and price disclaimers.

  • Updated wording on "Which House" page.

  • Detail work performed on all pages to reflect a softer blue and green layout on a solid white background and removed page, header, footer, menu, and card background images throughout website.

  • Changed the menu icon.

  • Changed the return to top icon.

  • Removed "FYI Links" sub-menu from menu and created "Bookmarks" menu to link to a detail page for important community websites.

  • Updated text on "Locations" page.

  • Changed size of FAQ logo on "FAQ" page.

  • Implemented a site-wide search engine.

  • Updated house room availability.

  • Implemented new terminology of "Apply, Interview, Visit" on the "Applying" page and where relevant on other pages.

  • Decreased font size on "Privacy" page.

  • Updated "Overview" and "Mission" page to reflect 2021 Member Orientation.

  • Updated "Mission" to BCL's July 2021 GA-approved organization mission statement.

  • Updated organization history from 2021 Member Orientation .

  • Fine-tuned the tablet and mobile experience.

  • Various other bug fixes.

  • Released testing site on Slack.

  • Released the testing site for 20% of website visitors.

  • Created the following sub-domains:

  1. -> directs to BCL's Slack Workspace

  2. -> directs to BCL's membershipping application

  3. -> directs to BCL's Facebook

  4. -> directs to your  profile on for cost of living payments

  5. -> directs to BCL's Twitter

  6. -> directs to

  7. -> directs to

  8. -> directs to