<h1>WHY BCL</h1>
<h3 class="font_3">OVER 60 MEMBERS</h3>

There are over 60 people living in houses, working together to share expenses, responsibilities and build community. A

Just think of the time you spend cooking, cleaning and shopping just for yourself.

When there is a community of us working to do those things for each other, everyone saves time, energy and money. A cooperative makes those things possible. 

If you like these benefits, you should live with us.

<h3 class="font_3">BENEFITS</h3>


More delicious, local, and organic food than you or a smaller household could afford for the same amount of money.


Five hours of chores done by each member every week to make the household clean and cozy.


A diverse community in which to live and work.


All utilities included. These include gas, water, sewage, electricity, trash and recycling services, etc.


Free high speed internet.

<h3 class="font_3">EVEN MORE</h3>


Free washers and dryers.


Free parking in house lots, neighborhood parking (permits near campus purchased by BCL).


Locations near Indiana University, downtown Bloomington and on major thoroughfares.


Located on City and University bus lines, as wells as on local bike lanes.


Houses are pet friendly based on number of members with pets and with keeping member allergies in mind.

<h2 class="font_2">BCL BASICS</h2>
<h3 class="font_3">COSTS</h3>

At BCL, your cost of living (CoL) pays for your room, food, utilities and other household and organizational expenses.

Rent ranges from $434 to $921 (based on single occupancy), Factors that influence room price are the house, room size, noise profile (some are closer to common spaces) and closet access.

<h3 class="font_3">PAYING CoL</h3>

Cost of living for each member is due on the 15th of each month which covers costs starting on the 1st of the next month. A 7 day grace period is allowed before a late payment fee is accessed.

Cost of living fees are payable through our online site with Apartments.com. Payments may be made by electronic bank draft through either one-time or pre-scheduled monthly withdraws

If you prefer to pay by credit or debit card, a fee will be accessed for each payment based on a percentage of the amount you pay.

<h2 class="font_2">FINANCES</h2>

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