At Bloomington Cooperative Living, we are proud to announce 12 additional units of affordable housing through the acquisition of the property at 410 West Kirkwood Avenue. The 410 project was made immediately possible due to an angel investor and supporter of BCL who bought the building in order to lease it to BCL at a minimal cost. 

Our vision is to build our fifth cooperative house by converting this business complex into a shared living space built with the cooperative housing structure foremost. Additionally, the space will include a single commercial space to house a BCL office, a local non-profit or cultural center. 

This property adjoins another BCL cooperative house, Middle Earth, and will allow us to experiment with new forms of collaboration and resource-sharing between houses, as well as beautifying the surrounding area. 

We plan to continue offering one of, if not the lowest, housing cost options in the City of Bloomington when Cost-of-Living, commonly referred to as “rent,” includes your room fee, shared food and necessities, and utilities. Helping to offset the costs of housing, each member devotes roughly 5 hours each week to maintaining the house and our larger organization.

410 Kirkwood

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